Residential Air Conditioning

With a click of a button or a simple phone call, a qualified Air Conditioning Professional will be dispatched to your home. Our upfront pricing policy makes Ferran the ideal partner to address your air conditioning needs.

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We Service:

  • Compressors
  • Condensing Units
  • Refrigerant Lines
  • Coils
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Zone Controls
  • Variable Speed Units
  • UV Lights
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Blower Motors
  • Dehumidifiers

Unit Replacement

Trust your HVAC unit replacement to the Energy Efficiency Experts. At Ferran our sales team is trained to consider all aspects of your home's cooling system. Ferran will not replace your unit without first performing a heat load calculation to determine proper sizing. We can perform a duct test to verify capacity and leakage, and visually inspect your attic's insulation levels.

With our firm commitment to energy efficiency and the value we place on a decades long partnership with our local Utility Companies, you can trust that our Salesman are educated regarding current rebates offered for replacements and upgrades of your home’s cooling system by your Power Company (Units, Duct & Insulation).

Duct Repair & Replacement

For as little as $60 we will perform a thorough attic examination, including a Blower Door Duct Test and Insulation Evaluation. Our Residential Energy Efficiency Professionals specialize in duct repair, design and replacement. 80% of homes lose energy through leaky duct systems.

Residential Energy Awareness Program

Attic Insulation

Let Ferran insulate your home from the high costs associated with energy loss! The department of energy attributes 45% of your home's energy loss to inadequate insulation. Ferran is a qualified installer of blown-in and batt insulation as well as radiant barrier protection. We can also remove damp, damaged, or compacted insulation for full replacement.

Residential Energy Awareness Program

Residential Maintenance

Like an Automobile your home's air conditioning system must be regularly maintained to perform at its peak. Routine maintenance is fundamental to keeping your home's heating and cooling system running smoothly and efficiently.

Residential Maintenance Plans

Air Filters

The regular changing of your filters is an important piece of your home's energy efficiency puzzle! For just pennies per day, you will increase the efficiency and prolong the life of your unit as well as improve the air quality in your home. Air Filters

Digital & Programmable Thermostats

Digital and Programmable thermostats are an inexpensive way to start taking control over your energy use. Ferran can help you choose the thermostat that is compatible with your cooling system and unique to your specific needs.

Indoor Air Quality

Everyone is aware of the importance of our Environment, but what about your home’s In-vironment? Ferran offers many products to help enhance the quality of the air you breathe in your home. Routine replacement of filters can help clean your home’s air before it circulates and, with the use of UV Lights and Special Electronic Filters, remove many common bacteria, viruses and allergens (like pollen and smoke) that can find their way into your In-vironment. There are also systems to control moisture and humidity and ventilators to bring in fresh air. For those with gas appliances, CO2 monitors will help you rest easy as they measure and detect potentially harmful carbon dioxide levels.

Let Ferran’s team of Residential Professionals help you formulate a solution to improve the quality of your home’s In-vironment!

Carrier IAQ

Energy Efficiency & Weatherization Services