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Volusia Florida & Orlando Florida

icon-electricWhether you have an emergency outage, inspection requirement, lighting upgrade, or the need for additional capacity, Ferran can address all your electrical needs.

We Service:
Panels, Breakers, Lighting, Ceiling Fans, PV, Receptacles, Timers, Code Violations, Ballasts, Short Circuits, Switches, Security, Thermal Imaging, Surge Protection, Generators and more…

We Specialize In:
• Electrical Panel/Service Upgrades
• Lighting Retrofits
• Complete Home Rewiring Solutions
• Security Lighting
• PV, Photo Voltaics

Electrical Panel/Service Up-Grades

Upgrading your overloaded or obsolete panels can save you a pricey service calls to restore power. Whether an emergency outage, inspection requirement, or the need for additional capacity, Ferran can address all your panel-related needs.

Surge Protection

Protect your most valuable investment by installing a whole-house surge protector. These devices can detect and divert surges in power caused by damage to power lines or lightning.

Re-Wiring Solutions

From complete rewiring, to upgrades from aluminum to copper, Ferran can tailor a rewiring solution unique to your home’s needs.

Thermal (Infrared) Inspections

Thermal imaging is the safest and most efficient method for the early detection of problems in your home’s electrical system.

Lighting Retrofits

Whether taking control of your energy costs or adding a new chandelier, Ferran can accommodate all of your lighting requests.

Security Lighting

Illuminating the exterior of your home with security lighting can deter unwanted visitors and make it easier to navigate driveways and pathways.

Stand-by Generators

Don’t allow a power outage to leave you in the dark. From a whole-house system to just the basic essentials Ferran can install a stand-by generator that will increase the value of your home and improve the quality of life for your family during an outage.

Solar Installations (Photovoltaic)

Ferran is licensed and certified through the Florida Solar Energy Center to install photovoltaic electrical systems in your home.

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