Ferran Services Maintenance Plans

Q: How do I get started?

A: It’s simple.

  1. Fill out the plan agreement form with your choice of plan and payment method.
  2. We will contact you to schedule the first tune-up and inspection and send you a membership card that may be used throughout the year for discounts on many of our services.

Q: Why should I enroll in a Residential Maintenance Plan?

A: Peace of mind, increased energy efficiency and prolonged life of your equipment. A maintenance plan also gives you priority service, a professional inspection and tune-up, and discounts for many of the other services we offer.

Would you drive your car for years without a proper maintenance schedule? Of course not, and the same should apply to your home’s AC Unit! In fact, not having a regular maintenance schedule, can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Our Green Advantage Maintenance customers receive a 15% discount on all three trades and priority scheduling all year long. Become a Ferran Green Advantage Customer today!

Q: Why are precision tune-ups important?
A: Like an automobile your home’s air conditioning system must be regularly maintained to perform at it’s peak. In one year your heating and cooling system can run for as many as 2,000 hours. When you neglect them, you pay a hefty price – in wasted energy efficiency, shortened equipment life and inconvenient
and expensive breakdowns. Having your equipment routinely maintained results in fewer service problems, lower energy bills, a safer system and warranties that are kept valid.


Q: What do you mean by Priority Service?
A: Ferran Residential Maintenance customers are always taken care of first! We offer guaranteed service within 24-hours for all Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing service calls.

Q: What assurance do I have that my Ferran rates have been discounted?
Carrier HVAC ProductsA: When a Ferran tech arrives at your home, he will be carrying a book containing our published rates. Upon diagnosis, he will show you the code and related pricing for necessary repairs. Next to the standard Ferran pricing column, there will be a clearly marked “blue line” column which depicts the 15% discount you will be entitled to as a Maintenance Agreement customer!

Q: What about the costs?
A: For about the cost of a diagnostic fee, our Residential Maintenance Plan makes keeping up with your equipment’s maintenance needs effortless. We will contact you to schedule inspections, maintain a service log on your home’s equipment, provide priority service for all your service needs, and extend a 10% discount off standard service calls for all three trades.

Q: Which plan is right for me?

A: Ferran has two maintenance plans designed to fit your needs: The “Ferran Green Plan” includes one 30-point maintenance tune-up per year. The “Ferran Green Advantage Plan” includes two 30-point tune-up’s per year and is recommended for customers who run their equipment consistently for 8 months or more throughout the year, have heat-pumps, gas furnaces, pets or air quality concerns. Both plans include our Priority Service Guarantee and a 15% discount.