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Carrier FurnaceInvesting in a heating system is an important decision, with long-term impacts on comfort, energy bills, and the value of your home.  For the next fifteen to twenty years, your furnace or heat pump needs to live up to your expectations for capacity, efficiency, and reliable performance.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to your home’s specific requirements.  Through a broad selection of top-quality systems and accurate recommendations, the team from Ferran Services will help you satisfy your comfort and budget needs.

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You want a heating system that keeps costs low, while delivering exceptional and consistent comfort.  When a furnace loses or wastes heat, it requires more energy to maintain your home at desired temperatures.  The best way to ensure peak performance is through accurate installation.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the service team from Ferran Services participates in ongoing factory training, remaining current in technical and product advancements.  When it comes to maximizing your investment, we do our homework.  By carefully sizing equipment, listening to your concerns, and verifying condition of ductwork and insulation, we provide answers for any and all furnace or heat pump related questions!

As the most widely recognized name in the HVAC industry, Carrier continues to revolutionize home comfort, leading by example, and leaving competitors scrambling to catch up.  The Carrier Infinity, Performance, and Comfort Series offer variations in design, size, and features, while maintaining the same high standards of efficiency and durability.  Steady, dependable performance, year after year, is all part of the package.  Quiet, long-lasting, and low in service needs, these furnaces include such options as variable-speed blower and inducer motors, modulating gas valves, aluminized steel primary heat exchangers, stainless steel secondary heat exchangers, and fully insulated cabinets to reduce energy loss and sound levels.

At Ferran Services, we offer heating installation with the most reliable products and trustworthy service!

Variable-speed technology allows more energy saving potential and improved comfort levels throughout the home.  The ability of the furnace to automatically adjust speeds according to the needs of the home ensures the right amount of heat, right when you need it.  Outside temperatures rarely, if ever, require your HVAC system to operate at 100% capacity.  Variable-speed units determine optimal heating needs and vary speeds in increments between 40% and 100%.  Not only does this tailor comfort, but by running at lower speeds and consuming less power, you’ll save a significant amount off monthly utility expenses.

The team from Ferran Services does not work on commission.  Our main goal is not the sale, but building a long-term relationship that begins with a rewarding installation process and continues through a cost-effective maintenance plan.  We deliver the best solution to home comfort across Orlando, FL, Volusia, FL.  Contact us and know you will always speak to a knowledgeable and courteous member of our staff.  Ferran Services is here to serve your best interests 24/7.

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