Home Performance Service
Orlando Florida & Volusia Florida

Every home is a unique puzzle when it comes to both Comfort and Efficiency.

Whether you are in need of a Resnet Home Energy Rating, or are simply looking for a contractor with the knowledge and expertise to address certain pieces, Ferran is uniquely qualified to partner with you in solving your home’s energy efficiency puzzle.

As a Multi-Trade contractor with a Division dedicated to Energy Efficiency, our team of Residential Energy Awareness Professionals is made up of a Resnet Rater, Service Managers and Technicians capable of addressing each aspect of your home’s efficiency.

We will send a trade specialist out to perform an on-site evaluation (Carrier 360) review our findings, highlight any deficiencies (HVAC concerns, air quality, duct leakage, air leakage in or out of the building envelope, overall air flow, insulation levels, lighting retrofit, panel load, hot water production) and assist you in formulating a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

Once these measures have been implemented, you will begin to REAP the benefits of increased comfort, reduced power bills and lasting efficiency for your home.

Puzzle Pieces Include: Carrier 360, Duct & Insulation, Thermal Imaging, Power Quality, Maintenance & Filters, HVAC, Water Heating & Usage and 3M Window Film!


Duct & Insulation

Blower Door & Duct Blaster Testing (to address leaks, seepage)
Duct Design, Repair and Replacement (to ensure proper airflow)
Insulation (Evaluation, Installation, Removal)


Energy Rating

  • Resnet Home Energy Rating (a superior HERS rating is a great tool for selling your home or qualifying for an Energy Efficient Mortgage).


Maintenance & Filters

Residential Unit Maintenance Plans (proper maintenance will pro-long your AC unit(s) life and increase efficiency)
Air Filters (to assist your unit in providing maximum efficiency)


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be a critical component of Residential Energy Awareness. (Early detection of water leakage, heating and cooling loss, and the assessment of your home’s electrical system including panel over load and breaker deterioration, can help you avoid future pricey emergency repairs.)


Power Quality

Panel Evaluation (to assess load, determine sizing, deterioration and proper seating of breakers)
Surge Protection (to safeguard valuable appliances from surges stemming from either the grid or weather)



HVAC Repair and Replacement (to obtain the highest efficiency and maximize comfort)
Manual J (to ensure proper unit sizing which will help avoid unnecessary replacement cost and related moisture issues)
Digital and Programmable Thermostats (to regulate air flow and temperature, even while away from home)


Water Heating & Water Usage

Water Retrofits- Toilet, Sink & Shower to Low Flow Fixtures (to reduce overall daily consumption)
Leak Detection (to locate and address water leaks and seepage thereby reducing non-beneficial consumption)
Water Heating Upgrade Options (Gas, Tank-less, Electric, Solar- to reduce the energy necessary to heat water in your home)
Water Heater Timers, Blankets, Pipe Insulation (to maintain water temperature which diminishes the need to re-heat)


Window Film & Weatherization

Weatherization (caulking, weather-stripping, maintaining envelope balance)
Window Film (to protect from heat and glare which increase the energy needed to cool your home)



Lighting Retrofits (to assist in reducing power bills by moving to more efficient lighting products)
Electrical Timers (to reduce usage associated with Lighting, Water Heating, Appliances)
PV (Photo Voltaic) Systems (to reduce reliance on power grid)
Lighting & Occupancy Sensors (to avoid unnecessary usage)