We Promise You Integrity

Ferran knows that when you call a service company, you are looking for experienced employees who take pride in their work and believe in the company they work for! That’s why we treat our employees like family. In fact, more than 30% of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years and 40% of those have been here for more than 20!

Key Personnel Since
Dolph Marmetschke President 1993
Cathy Zellner Vice President of Finance & Administration 1992
David Hase Vice President of Construction 1982
Pam Stone Human Resources Manager 1986
Paula Granger Credit Manager 1986
James J Flaherty Construction Division Manager 1986
David Curry Air Conditioning Manager 1989
Jesse Crawford Plumbing Service Manager 2004
Shawn Boone Electrical Service Manager 2001
Hector Dominicci A/C Sales Manager 1999
Yunier Tarragona Duct & Insulation Manager 2001
Brittney Ramirez Warehouse Manager 2004